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ZQYM CR Test Bench Supply Free Training

Free Training For Common rail Test Bench To Every Customer

Every year, visitors from all over the globe come to work with us to train, to be trained for common rail system, and to discuss their local market requirements so we can develop the right technologies for their needs now and for the future.

Sometimes the world seems such a small place when you consider that these visitors are market leaders in their common rail diesel system field, and that during their stay inside these modest premises located in rural Buckinghamshire, the world of Diesel fuel systems progresses and develops.



At ZQYM we have a fully equipped Training process and in partnership with our colleagues at Beijing factory to provide free training for every customer, we can help workshops to get the absolute best out of their ZQYM common rail equipment. The payback can often be game changing for the customer's business, helping them to gain the competitive edge in their local market and take their business to the next level.

We will teach them for how to use the machines and how to repair injectors or pumps at factory or work shop.



He is trying to use the simple injector tester to feel the condition of this damaged injector,In the following, he is learning how to read the injector information of the car with our diagnostic tool, then calibrate the injector and generate the code by diesel test bench.


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